The mission of Written Wings is to help people fulfill their dreams
of making the world a more wonderful place for all of us.
The tools are consulting and writing.Using a social justice lens, fees use a sliding scale based on ability to pay and whether the work directly benefits the oppressed.

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You’ve set out to make a difference. Your work nurtures our world with support, wisdom, or beauty. It raises the quality of life.

Now you need a hand. You need clear, genuine writing to get the word out about the great work you do. You need grant proposals that stand out and get funded, or outreach/marketing materials that draw people in and motivate loyalty. You need guidance to formulate a strategic plan based on best practices and eloquent logic. You need a wordsmith to craft your knowledge into a book or articles, or your book needs some constructive critique or polishing to bring out its inner glow. Your publication needs memorable articles or an editor to stitch it together smoothly and powerfully.

Effective writing and planning can carry your work farther and faster over distances and obstacles.

Let me make your written wings.

When talented people work together, incredible things happen. My business is centered in Western Massachusetts, and I can work with you in person or remotely. Please contact me to help bring your wonderful work into the world.


Over $65 MILLION raised through grants for nonprofits

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