Messaging Strategy & Marketing Materials

You need to stand out from the crowd so that people will see your quality, become loyal customers, and spread the word about how great you are. Let me write you concise, unique, and powerful copy that gets attention. I will help you understand your target market, where to reach them, and what messages will be most effective. We will examine people’s perceptions of your business and explore both bold and subtle ways to strategically alter those perceptions. I will help you find the stories that bring your work to life and tell those stories in ways that captivate your audience, highlighting how much you benefit your customers and community. I will write strategic messaging in the voice people already recognize as yours, or develop a friendly brand that people remember and feel good about buying again and again.

I specialize in nonprofit communications and apply the same principles to my work for mission-based businesses. The result is marketing that comes from the heart, is targeted to the right audiences, and shows how your business genuinely benefits your customers and community.

Materials: Marketing copy and strategy, press releases, grant proposals, brochures, websites, blogs, etc.

Small Business Development Coaching

When I started my business, I was new to the Pioneer Valley and new to the field of writing for businesses and nonprofits. As an introvert with no local connections and no training in business development, I nevertheless taught myself how to build a thriving business through networking. I can guide you do the same. I can also develop your messaging strategy, write your marketing materials, and plumb my vast network to connect you with any other service providers you may need. Our work together can range from a single consulting session to a long-term coaching relationship.

Networking doesn’t have to be daunting. Personally, I enjoy it as a way to meet warm people and share mutual support. It can enable you to assess your field; understand your market and your niche; and find advisers, referrers, and clients. I will help you feel confident networking, present yourself well, develop your elevator pitch, create goals, and stay accountable to them. We’ll create clear processes to network strategically, keep helpful records, build supportive relationships, get your name out, and develop a pipeline to bring you work.

Building a business on your own can be isolating, and for many it is hard to stay motivated when you don’t have much structure. I understand. When you have to be entirely self-motivated, it becomes essential that your business plan is custom-tailored to you. Together, we will figure out what inspires you, what makes you jam up, and how to ensure that you are meeting your personal needs well enough in every area of life, so that you have the energy to thrive in your work.

Strategic Planning

Do you know your goals and have clear, measurable objectives to help you reach them? Do you have procedures in place to evaluate the success of your activities? Do your plans identify your greatest obstacles and assets, and then address the obstacles and capitalize on the assets? Perhaps my greatest strength is that I come from the heart and bring a highly logical mind. I can help you organize your ideas into an eloquent and logical system that assists you in staying true to all you love about your work, increasing your business’s cost-effectiveness, inspiring your employees, and showing your community what a treasure you are to the area.

My focus on increasing your success is threefold: we will explore ways to improve your cost-effectiveness, your income, and your impact on both customers and the wider community. I will facilitate your planning process and help distill your ideas into concise and effective words and charts that can effectively guide your staff. We can create logic models (goals, objectives, strategies, and outcomes), SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), evaluation plans, and more.

Collaborating with Nonprofits

You want to bring your work to low income and other under-served communities, to make sure that the people who most need your help can have access to it.  But how can you reach these people, help them overcome what may be major barriers that your current clients don’t have, and assist them without breaking the bank? I understand how nonprofits function and how they might be able to work with you and raise funds for you to work with their constituents. I can explain what you need to know and guide you to brainstorm and plan possible models and strategies. I am also well-networked in the Pioneer Valley nonprofit sector, and may be able to introduce you to the people you need.

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